WW2 Relevance

|   8 April 2011

Erwin Rommel and desert war

Erwin Rommel  (standing on the left) in the Western desert.

We’ve just added on to the site for subscribers a video about the desert war – a conflict often reduced to the battle between Bernard Montgomery on the the Allied side and Erwin Rommel on the Axis side. But as the video shows, this was a war that was decided more by logistics than Generalship.

In a tactic which has some parallel with the current conflict in Libya, the Allies imposed, in effect, an air exclusion zone around the Western desert and destroyed vital German supplies which were en route by sea to Rommel. Ultimately, this master of mobile warfare was reduced to leaving many of his tanks where they were because they had run out of fuel.  The Allies air superiority over the desert was also to prove critical to their success – one wonders if the same tactic will work today…

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