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|   30 March 2012

WW2History will soon be free!

Soon the lock is coming off…

From the start of May – the second anniversary of the launch of the site – WW2History.com will become a free resource that anyone can access.

This means that we will no longer be taking any subscriptions from today, before the site itself goes free on Tuesday 1 May.

This is a big step forward for the site and I decided to take it only after a lot of thought. I’ve been very pleased with the success of WW2History.com as a subscription site – with several thousand subscriptions taken out. On this basis the site would, within the next few years, have paid back the cost of making it and be delivering a future of profit.

So why should I turn my back on that financially attractive future? Well, because these are times of austerity in the educational world, and having discussed the situation with school and university teachers I came to the conclusion that the site could never reach many of those who wanted it most if we carried on as we are.

That’s why I came to the decision I did. I’ll always be incredibly grateful to everyone who has supported the site during this subscription period.

One Response to “WW2History will soon be free!”

  1. Catweazle says:

    Can’t wait – the more people who have access to this site the better!