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WW2 Anniversary

|   17 June 2011

Stalin – a complete idiot

Stalin – an incompetent idiot 70 years ago today.

Joseph Stalin was an almost unimaginably appalling person. A man responsible for the death of millions and the forced deportation of whole nations, someone who took sadistic pleasure in the torture of his close associates and their wives. We know all that and we are, rightly, disgusted.

But not enough has been written about what an incompetent leader he was. And today is the 70th anniversary of one of the best examples of that incompetence. It was on 17 June 1941 that Stalin read a report from the People’s Commissar of Defence which said: ‘A source working in the German Aviation Headquarters reports: 1. Germany has concluded all necessary measures for war in preparation for an armed assault against the USSR and an attack can be expected at any moment.’ The report could not have been more accurate. In fact, as everyone should know, the Germans launched their attack on the Soviet Union – the largest invasion in the history of the world – just five days later, on 22 June 1941. Read the rest of this entry