WW2 Competitions

|   3 January 2011

December Competition result

Many congratulations to Louise Morgan of Perthsire in Scotland who was the first person randomly selected from all those subscribers to WW2History.com who correctly answered last month’s competition. A signed, paperback copy of Ian Kershaw’s ‘Fateful Decisions’ together with a DVD of ‘WW2 Behind Closed Doors’ will shortly be winging their way to her.

The question we posed was: ‘Hitler held a number of meetings with European leaders in 1940. After one such meeting in October 1940, Hitler remarked that he would ‘prefer to have three or four teeth taken out’ than go through the experience again. Which European leader caused this reaction in Hitler?

The answer, as Louise and many others correctly identified, was General Franco, the dictator of Spain.

This month’s question is, I think, a difficult one – but the prize is certainly worth the effort, a signed, paperback copy of Antony Beevor’s epic ‘D Day – the battle for Normandy’.

And a Happy New Year to you all!

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