WW2 Competitions

|   1 March 2012

Winter Competition

Congratulations to Mr Barnetson of Moray in Scotland who was the first subscriber to WW2History.com picked from all those who gave the correct answer to our Winter Competition.

The question we posed was: After one [bombing] raid on Germany  the 8th Army Air Force suffered such bad losses Рmore than 70 planes were destroyed Рthat their daylight raids were temporarily suspended. What is the name of the German city the Americans were trying to attack when they encountered such powerful resistance?

Mr Barnetson, along with¬† other subscribers, correctly identified this particular city as Schweinfurt. A signed, hardback, first edition of Max Hasting’s brilliant ‘All Hell Let Loose’ will shortly be winging its way to him.

Our new competition has another hardback, signed first edition on offer – ‘Their Darkest Hour’ – my own book about the most extraordinary people from WW2 that I have met over the last twenty years.

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