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Japan in WW2

The war against Japan provided the Allies with completely new problems as they faced up to an enemy with completely different tactics. With the war at sea liable to have a much bigger effect and much of the war fought from island to island as opposed to mainland Europe or Africa, the nuances of the war on the Pacific Front were hugly different from other theatres of World War Two.

  • Pacific Front | November 1943

    Island Hopping

    Why was it so hard to retake islands held by the Japanese?

    Why was it so hard to retake islands held by the Japanese?
    Ever since the fierce battle for Guadalcanal it had been clear that the Japanese would not give up the islands they held lightly. So how difficult was this campaign for the Americans? Click here to read more in 'Island Hopping'.

  • Pacific Front | 7th December 1941

    Pearl Harbour

    Aftermath of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, Hawaii

    President Roosevelt appeared before Congress on 8 December 1941 and asked for confirmation of the fact that since the Japanese attack the previous day ‘a state of war has existed between the United States and the Japanese Empire’. Click here to read more in 'Pearl Harbour'.