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The War at Home

With the imminent threat of Nazi invasion, the ongoing Blitz, continual bombing raids and the arrival of allied servicemen from all over the world, the lives of everyone in the Britsh Isles was affected.

  • Western Front | September 1939

    Child evacuee

    Gary Godfrey (circled) was not quite eight years old when he was evacuated

    Gary Godfrey
    Gary Godfrey was one of more than 1.4 million children who were evacuated from cities to the countryside. This voluntary scheme was the largest transportation of people in the history of Britain. Click here to read more in 'Child evacuee'.

  • Western Front | 7th September 1940

    The Blitz

    How did the Blitz affect British morale?

    How did the Blitz affect British morale?
    The first mass German raid on London – in response to Hitler’s order calling for ‘disruptive attacks on the population’. More than 25,000 tons of German bombs would fall on British cities by May 1941. Click here to read more in 'The Blitz'.