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Most overrated individual in WW2

LAURENCE REES: And the person who came out with the best reputation, but who didn’t perhaps fully deserve it?

CONRAD CRANE: Ah, boy! That’s a difficult one. Omar Bradley, I think. Bradley did a lot of great things, I mean, I don’t think he gets enough credit for doing things like running the Veterans' Administration after World War Two, but I think in World War Two his image as the soldier’s General was a creation of Ernie Pyle. I think he was too cautious at very critical times in 1944, and I don’t think he reacted well at the Battle of The Bulge. I think his reputation was probably better than he deserved. He was a good General, a very good manager and a good man to command the massive formation that he did, but I think a lot of his key decisions were less than they could have been.