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WW2 figure with the most stature

LAURENCE REES: And the figure to emerge from the war with the greatest stature?

ROBERT DALLEK: Well, that’s a tough one because in some ways I have a certain partiality for De Gaulle. Because De Gaulle has nothing. No power, no armies, no atomic bombs and no standing, so to speak, and yet he brings France back, he emerges at the head of a French nation. It really was an impressive achievement. Of course, in terms of long term historical reputation both Churchill and Roosevelt, of course, emerge as the great men.

LAURENCE REES: If you’re looking at this from the position of where De Gaulle started the war, it is quite extraordinary.

ROBERT DALLEK: Quite extraordinary.

LAURENCE REES: Quite extraordinary, especially given that Roosevelt couldn’t stand him.

ROBERT DALLEK: Oh, exactly.