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Biggest mistake of WW2

LAURENCE REES: If you were going to pick the one single most mistaken decision of consequence during the war, what would it be?

TAMI BIDDLE: At some level it was Hitler’s decision to fight the war, to go up against all the enemies that he managed to accumulate against him at one point. Going into Russia at the moment that he did with a kind of tremendously optimistic view of how that war was going to go was a staggering mistake. You could have consolidated for a longer period of time I think, though by the same token he knows the Russians were probably going to build up, but Stalin was doing everything in his power to appease Hitler right up until the moment that he crossed into Soviet territory. We made some pretty huge mistakes, but I guess you only have to stay ahead of your enemy, and Hitler actually managed to make bigger mistakes than we did. And so, you know, all you can say is thank God for that.