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  • The American National Archives

    All of the film archive on this site is public domain material held by the American National Archives - the vast majority of this material has been obtained from Footage Farm, London. All of the WW2 photographs on this site, unless otherwise indicated, are public domain, the majority from the American National Archives. (The photo of Hitler and Mussolini on the home page is copyright bpk/Walter Frentz.)

  • Music

    All music on this site, unless otherwise indicated, has been obtained from royalty free sources.

  • Eye Witnesses

    All of the eye witness material in the Testimony section on this site is taken either from interviews researched and specially recorded for WW2History.com or from interviews conducted for Laurence Rees' previous work, and is used here with the necessary permissions obtained. Where eye witness testimony is used on this site elsewhere without footnote, this is because it has been taken from these sources.

  • Transcripts

    All of the interviews with the experts on this site have been specially recorded for WW2History.com. The transcripts that appear in the Experts section of the site have been edited to remove repetitions etc.

  • Footnotes

    WW2History.com follows the normal practice of footnoting only direct quotes and wholly original material from other works - so the basic facts on the interactive timeline are not footnoted. But virtually all of the books listed in the 'Shop' section of the site were helpful in creating it.

  • Auschwitz sources

    WW2History.com acknowledges with gratitude the permission granted by the Auschwitz Birkenau Memorial State Museum to film within the museum. Special thanks to Wanda Hutny and Mirosław Obstarczyk.

  • Map sources

    All the maps on WW2History.com were created by John Kennedy using, as a base, maps held by the Royal Geographical Society, London, used with permission. 

Laurence Rees

Laurence Rees

Laurence Rees interview

Read a candid interview with Laurence Rees in which he talks about his experience meeting Nazi perpetrators and gives more background on WW2History.com.