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The Team

Meet some of the key people who helped make WW2History.com

  • Sally ChickSally Chick

    As well as making an important editorial contribution to all aspects of the creation of WW2History.com, Sally operated the camera on all the specially shot footage on the site and edited the videos. Previously she was an Assistant Producer on the TV documentary series 'World War Two: Behind Closed Doors.' She read History at Leeds University.

  • Kate Rea

    Kate Rea

    Kate researched and recorded much of the eye-witness testimony especially for WW2History.com. Previously she was an Assistant Producer on a number of important TV history projects, including Antony's Beevor's film, 'Battle for Berlin'. She read Russian and Russian History at Cambridge University.

  • Nancy Strang

    Nancy Strang

    Nancy also researched and recorded a number of the eye-witness testimony interviews for WW2History.com. Previously she worked on TV history films like 'Secrets of Leadership' presented by Andrew Roberts. She read History at Leeds University.

  • John Kennedy

    John Kennedy

    John designed and made the maps featured in the videos on WW2History.com. He also devised and edited the promotional video which can be found on the non-subscriber Home Page of the site. He is an acclaimed graphic designer.

  • Martin Patmore

    Martin Patmore

    Martin photographed the majority of the specially shot location stills featured on WW2History.com. Also a distinguished film cameraman, he shot most of the documentary content in Laurence Rees' last five history TV series.

  • Alan Lygo

    Alan Lygo

    Alan was a creative consultant to WW2History.com. He is the only film editor ever to win three BAFTA awards for his work.

  • Helena Brewer

    Helena Brewer

    Helena was an Editorial and Management Consultant on all aspects of WW2History.com. Educated at Oxford University, she also holds an MBA from Manchester Business School.

  • Andy Lawrence

    Andy Lawrence

    Andy constructed the non-Holocaust related lesson plans for teachers (which can be found in the 'About Us' section of WW2History.com). He is a history teacher at Hampton School, Middlesex. He read History at Oxford University.

  • Holocaust Education Trust

    Holocaust Educational Trust

    The Holocaust lesson plans on the site were prepared by experts at the Holocaust Educational Trust. From left to right: Tom, Andy, Alex and Andrew – and Anita (not in photo).

  • Sunday Publishing

    Sunday Publishing

    Ed, Pete, Phil, Toby and Juan (from left to right) created the look of WW2History.com, and then technically constructed the site through their company Sunday Publishing.

Laurence Rees

Laurence Rees

Laurence Rees interview

Read a candid interview with Laurence Rees in which he talks about his experience meeting Nazi perpetrators and gives more background on WW2History.com.